Accademia della Crusca… shall we soon say farewell?

When I read the content of this article, I was actually quite sad. If you do not have time to go through it, the core is that the Accademia della Crusca (‘crusca’ means ‘bran’ in Italian) might have to close down forever due to some dramatic cuts in the State’s budgets.

The Accademia della Crusca has a very nice website both in English and, of course, in Italian, which I think is worth having a look at. In case you do not know, the aim of this organisation is to research into the Italian language, together with spreading the knowledge of Italian linguistics and language evolution, as well as collaborating with other research institutes. As its name says, the Accademia wants to cleanse the Italian language from the bran. Actually, its whole hierarchy has very funny names related to bread making!

But let’s come back to the article. Of course, as a translator and person very passionate about my mother tongue, I do hope that the Accademia will stay open. I am worried that one of the most important Italian institution about the Italian language is in danger of disappearing. And what will then happen to our poor Italian idiom?


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