Learning Italian… in Bologna!

Hi everyone and sorry for the long silence, but I am sure that you are more flexible than my dissertation deadline, so I had to turn my back from the blog for a while and concentrate on my CAT tools. However, an interesting article I saw the other day was the sparkle for this new post.

The journalist Nick Gordon went to Bologna for an Italian language course and then described his experience in an article. A local newspaper in Bologna reported the news and so I had a look at both. First of all, I think that the short extract of the English text which was translated into Italian is of a fairly good quality, which is always great for translation people. I found Nick Gordon’s solution to translate ‘le due Torri‘ (the two most famous towers of the city, set next to each other) with ‘twin towers’ very interesting, but not disrespectful towards their US counterparts. What would you say?

However, this article was also inspirational as it highlights several possibilities of learning Italian in Italy. From my experiences with English and German, I believe that when you are in your teens the best option is to live with a local family, as this will give you a better insight into the daily life of other people and give you the opportunity of practising more the language.

What do you think? Have you ever been abroad for a language course?


About Chiara Vecchi

A blogging translator working from English and German into Italian. You are more than welcome to visit my blog https://squirreltranslations.wordpress.com!
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