How big is your name?

Yesterday I went to the theatre and this morning I was having a look at the leaflet we were given at the entrance. I have scanned some of it and put it here. And in the little green circle we can read… ‘Traduzione di Alessandra Serra’ (Translated by Alessandra Serra).

I was a bit surprised because in the last few leaflets I had seen translators were not mentioned at all or, if they were, you had to have a magnifying glass with you to read their name(s) on the paper. An object we all bring to theatres… The translator’s name is not as big as the author’s or the actors, but at least it’s there. Not too small. And on the first page!

So, the play we enjoyed yesterday was there thanks to the author, the director, the actors, etc., but also because someone translated it. I hope other viewers noticed the translator’s name too. But just in case, I made sure to point that to my non-translating friends (now I hope they’ll keep going to the theatre with me! 🙂

Have you seen translators mentioned where you would have not expected them to be? It would be great to know!


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