It’s a T(rap)M(ind you)!

Please do not misunderstand the title. I love TMs and I think CAT tools have become essential for technical translators. However, I believe there are good and less good (shall we dare to say ‘bad’?) TMs.

The other day I was given this huge product list. Fine. Three TMs came with it from the PM. And then… surprise! Quite a lot of items have been translated in different ways by different translators. Unfortunately, they were probably working on the same project at the same time. So there is no time difference, which is usually helpful in such cases. Also, those differences are actually in the same Translation Memory, which is not great either.

What’s next then? It is the PM’s duty to make sure that TMs are updated properly and that a proofreader ensures terminology consistency. I have just emailed him with some examples of terms that seem to have been translated in two or three different ways almost on the same day. Let’s see what he says.


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2 Responses to It’s a T(rap)M(ind you)!

  1. Interesting post, Chiara!

    Ideally, there should be a PM or chief Language Manager (in large projects) to clean the TM from redundancies and apply the changes. However, we both know that’s not the case in most LSPs.
    We are prone to think that the CAT-tool (or any other piece of software) should do it automatically. Nevertheless, that is but another important (if not necessary) step in the QA process.

    Looking forward to reading you very soon,


  2. Thanks Pedro! What you have just written is so true! I have not heard from the client yet, but I hope they will be sensible enough to understand that their TMs need (a lot of) maintenance!

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