Blog resolutions*

A few days ago I received my first copy of the ATA Chronicle of January 2012 (the post has been very slow, I know, I might even dare to say rubbish!). While reading through, I found the article ‘Your A-Z Guide to Successful Business Blogging’.

Some of the points mentioned apply to my blog, so I thought to copy them here so that they will become my new year’s resolution:

– Consider all multimedia platforms such as video blogs, podcasts, and audio clips.

I must admit I have never used one of these. I now plan to put some useful audio files for Russian, since my wonderful beginners’ course will end in a few weeks and I do not the idea of my Russian getting rusty.

– Highlight text, subheads, key phrases, and lists to emphasize important points and make your posts more reader-friendly.

I have used lists, but no sign of highlights and subheads. I will do my best to find a way to make my posts easier to read.

– Understand the analytics, metrics, search engine optimization, keywords, and other important tools to help you determine content, audience, readership, and more.

I have not explored all the opportunities that social networks and SEO offer to make my blog known and to have people willing to read what I write and contribute with a comment. I will do some research into it and do my best to publish a couple of posts about those topics.

Do you have any comments or suggestions about ways to improve the blog? And have a happy weekend everyone!

* I know it’s February, but there’s still plenty of time to improve until December 🙂


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A blogging translator working from English and German into Italian. You are more than welcome to visit my blog!
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