Let’s compare! – American Translators Association

Hi everyone! I hope that spring has shown up as it has done here 🙂 Anyway, I would like to begin this comparison with the American Translators Association, so let’s start!

Name of the association: American Translators Association
Acronym: ATA
Website: www.atanet.org
Student membership: $80 in 2012, you must be a graduate or an undergraduate student enrolled full-time in any programme or part-time in a translation- or interpreted-related programme, including foreign languages.
Notes: You need to provide proof of your student status in English. You can be a student member for up to 4 years. Student members cannot list their services in the Directory of Translation and Interpreting Services.
Full membership: $160 in 2012, it is called Associate membership. It is open to any individual interested in the goals and objectives of ATA. Once you pass the certification exam, you can become an Active or Corresponding member.
Other membership types: Corporate membership ($330) for corporations, Institutional membership ($200) for institutions. Both are not for individuals. There is also a Joint membership ($410), which is for a corporation plus a designated person.
Exam: $300 + $35 processing fee (plus a late registration fee of $45),
Pre-requisites: Having been an ATA member for at least 4 weeks before the exam date. You need to satisfy one of the following conditions:
– accreditation or certification by a member association of the Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs,
– postgraduate degree in any field + degree/certificate from an approved interpreting and translation programme (the list is here),
– degree + evidence of at least 2 years of experience,
– evidence of at least 5 years of experience.
The exam is open-book and lasts 3 hours, during which you have to translate two out of three passages of approximately 250 words. No internet or computers are allowed.
Continual professional development includes: seminars, webinars (that can be purchased and viewed at a later date), networking events, budding programmes, one annual conference
Chapters/sections language-related and/or by topic: 16. Among languages such as Korean or Portuguese and topics like medicine and literature, there are the Interpreters division and the Translation Company division.
Members-only publications: All members receive The ATA Chronicle, published 11 times a year, but also available to non-members. All remaining publications/e-books can be purchased, although members benefit of a discount.

Well, this was my first attempt to give you an overview of some professional associations. Next time I hope todo this for AITI (Associazione italiana interpreti e traduttori). In the meantime, if anyone feels like getting involved for languages such as Spanish, Finnish, etc., you are more than welcome to do so!


About Chiara Vecchi

A blogging translator working from English and German into Italian. You are more than welcome to visit my blog https://squirreltranslations.wordpress.com!
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4 Responses to Let’s compare! – American Translators Association

  1. Megan Onions says:

    Thanks Chiara. This is a great idea!

  2. Maria says:

    I find this very useful and inspirational. We are currently reforming our translators and interpreters association in Slovakia and some of the information you gave here will guide us in our efforts. Thank you!

    • Hi Maria! Thanks for your comment!!! Once the reform for the Slovakian association is in place, it would be nice to know what you have decided. Please keep us posted!

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