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Hi again everyone and sorry for my long(ish) absence. While working on a post about AITI, the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters, I am looking forward to tomorrow’s bank holiday here in Italy 🙂

However, since our customers might be all over the world, it is very likely that they are unaware of the bank holidays in the country we live in. What do you do to inform your clients that you might not be available on a certain day because it is a bank holiday or for a different reason?

Here are some tips:

– About a couple of weeks before THE day send an email to inform people that you will not be available. Do not forget to state if you might be reached by phone;

– After that, add a line at the top of your email signature and write the same message (repetita iuvant, i.e. repeating is helpful). A catchy colour will help your receiver to spot there is something new (odd?) in your email.

– About a week before the holiday, change your Skype mood message to something like ‘Please note that I will not be available on …’.

– Just before you leave, set up an automatic out-of-office reply, reassuring people that their emails will be read on the next day.

If you have better strategies, please share, as it has already happened to me that I have been contacted by lovely PMs or clients, completely unaware that I would have never been able to reply to that email. I have excluded pigeon post, but maybe that was a mistake…


About Chiara Vecchi

A blogging translator working from English and German into Italian. You are more than welcome to visit my blog https://squirreltranslations.wordpress.com!
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