Let’s compare! – Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti

Hi everyone! Here’s another post about an Italian professional association, AITI.

First of all, a big Thank you to the lovely secretary of the chapter for the region Emilia-Romagna (where I currently live), who was so kind as to provide me with some information on how much it is to join!
Secondly, AITI has also admission requirements and exams for interpreters and literary translators, but since this is just a blog post, I have concentrated on technical translators, but this might be a useful topic for the future 🙂

Name of the association: Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti (Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters)
Acronym: AITI
Website: www.aiti.org
Student membership: n/a. However, AITI is in the progress of changing its bylaws. According to a draft, students should be able to join AITI as ‘soci aggregati’.
Full membership: €80-160, depending on the region you live in. For example, the membership for Emilia-Romagna is €90. These are ‘soci ordinari’, i.e. translators who have passed the certification exam and satisfy the following pre-requisites:
– Master’s in Translation and 1 year of experience (proof of translation of 500 pages* required)
– Master’s and 2 years of experience (proof of translation of 1000 pages required)
– BA in Language Mediation/Translation and 3 years of experience (proof of translation of 1500 pages required)
– A-Levels and 6 years of experience (proof of translation of 3000 pages required).
Other membership types: ‘Soci praticanti’: translators who have a Master’s in Translation or Interpreting. A translator can be a ‘socio praticante’ for up to 3 years. Membership is €60 in Emilia-Romagna, but it varies across Italian regions.
There are also honorary members and another category for people/organisations studying or supporting translation-related disciplines.
Exam: €60 (soci praticanti) or €90 (soci ordinari).
For technical translators, the exam consists of translating 2 passages of 25 lines each in 3 hours. Texts are emailed to the candidate on the exam day. The candidate has previously chosen his/her specialties among a list of 8, including legal, technical, medical, scientific, financial translations.

Continual professional development includes: seminars, sometimes restricted to the members of the regional chapter. For example, if the Lazio chapter organizes a seminar, it can be restricted to members belonging to that chapter.
Chapters/sections language-related and/or by topic: n/a. However, there are regional chapters.
Members-only publications: All members receive Il Traduttore Nuovo (The New Translator), published twice a year, but also available to non-members. Regional chapters publish their own bulletin.

* A ‘page’ is my translation for ‘cartella’, which in this case corresponds to 1500 characters.


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