Summer reading

Hi again, dear readers!

Inspired by Megan Onions and her reading list, I decided to read the book ‘The Entrepreneurial Linguist’ by translating and interpreting twins Judy and Dagmar Jenner. You know what? It is just great.

Here is a short (and by no mean complete!) list of some of the aspects I liked most:

No waffling. Some book about becoming/being translators can talk for ages about the profession, but without giving readers anything valuable. Here every sentence counts.

Precise (and priceless) advice. Judy and Dagmar Jenner suggest some websites, such as in the section ‘Alternative phone options’. These resources have been tried and assessed, it is not a sterile lists of websites without any explanation.

Optimism. A lot of translators are getting more and more pessimistic about translation as a profession. This book offers a strategy (direct clients) to try to change this mindset. It truly injects some positive thoughts in you, which is something we do not get very often these days.

Although I am not too enthusiastic about the layout of the table of contents, I believe this book is a must-have for budding translators as well as for experienced linguists.

Have you read this or other books about translation, dear readers? I would love to know!

P.S. Thumbs up for the website, the only place in the World Wide Web where you can purchase the book. I had the book shipped to my house in Italy and… it took even less than they had said!


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3 Responses to Summer reading

  1. Megan Onions says:

    Thanks for the mention, Chiara! I totally agree that this is must-read for both established and aspiring translators. I’ve also had great experiences with Lulu 🙂

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