Summer reading #2

With temperatures hitting 40°C in these days, reading is one of the few pleasures we are left with that does not involve a dramatic increase in perspiration, so here is The Prosperous Translator: Advice from Fire Ant & Worker Bee, compiled and edited by Chris Durban.

Here are a few thoughts:
Q&A format
I am not a huge fan of that format, but there are sections, so it is easy to find the topic you are interested in. Thumbs up for some great advice on marketing and for people who are thinking about becoming translators after a career in different fields.
Q&A format #2
I would have definitely asked some of the same questions I read! This made me realise once again that colleagues, professional associations, networking, books like this one are there for a reason, i.e. they are useful and promote awareness.
We always need that, and advice given gracefully is even more useful. We should learn from Chris’s style too, especially when dealing with late payments.
Soft skills
There’s a lot to know about how translators (should) behave with and among their peers: people who moan too much, individuals who are too eager to step in at every local association’s meeting, or colleagues who pretend they have worked with someone in the field.

While The Entrepreneurial Linguist focuses on Dagmar and Judy Jenner’s approach to the business of translation, The Prosperous Translator analyzes several cases and perspectives – from beginners to direct clients – under the common umbrella of an experienced translator’s eye. I believe both books complement each other very well.

So, The Prosperous Translator is definitely a book to have on your shelf, both as a great wisdom package, as well as for pages penned with a witty and pleasant style! Do you have any must-have books on your shelf? It would be great to know!


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