Dobrý den* (aka the Czech Republic and my translation-related experiences) #1

Hi again (or ahoj, as I have learnt while on holiday)! Apart from being an amazing trip, my time in the Czech Republic was also spiced up by some translation-related observations. Here are some (more to follow!):

While in Prague, we went to see The Slav Epic (Slovanská epopej) by Alfons Mucha, which I would recommend as a great visit! He painted 20 (huge!) canvas about the history of the Slavs and… in 3 pictures there are translators or interpreters!

3 Introduction to the Slavic Liturgy
Please meet the famous Cyril and Methodius, who translated the Gospel into Slavic!

4 Tsar Simeon of Bulgaria
Simeon I, who lived around the 9th century, was a very cultivated man. He surrounded himself with scholars to translate the Byzantine literature into Slavic, as he wanted to elevate his culture. A truly enlightened man!

13 The Hussite King Jiří z Poděbrad
In 1462 Fantinus de Valle, a legate of Pope Pius II, talked to this King thanks to Jan of Rabštein, as Jiří didn’t understand any Latin. Jan of Rabštein must have had a tough time interpreting, as there was some religious turmoil.

Can you think of other pictures with translators or interpreters portrayed? And by the way, have a great weekend!

* Good morning in Czech


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