Dobrý den* (aka the Czech Republic and my translation-related experiences) #2

Hi again, dear readers, for the second part of my observations about my trip to the Czech Republic…

In Czech there is no difference between single and double consonants, whereas Italian does, so I spotted some cute coffee-related variations:
late machiato (latte macchiato)
esspreso (espresso)
café late (caffé latte)
But all the coffees I had were great, so a few letters didn’t affect quality! 😉

Knowing more Czech words would have been of help (and especially being able to pronounce them without a German or Russian inflection!). But everyone I met was really kind and ready to help (and to listen to my mad mixture of idioms!!!).

When was the last time you went to a country whose language you don’t speak? I’d love to know your experience!


About Chiara Vecchi

A blogging translator working from English and German into Italian. You are more than welcome to visit my blog!
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