My Joomla experience

Happy New Year and apologies for my long absence, dear readers!
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At the end of November I went to a one-day course organised by TradInfo (it’s worth clicking on the link if you know Italian, they’re lovely people!) about how to build a website using the platform Joomla. I know it’s always better to have things done by professionals if you’re not one, however I was curious to learn more about Joomla and below are some of my thoughts:

Joomla can do a lot of things, but it’s not very intuitive
I started using the platform WordPress on my own and after some trial-and-error time I now feel quite comfortable with it. Joomla seems to offer more customizable opportunities, but I wouldn’t have been able to create a site without some training
Joomla allows you to create multilingual websites where you can switch from one language to another
This comes really handy when you want a visitor to switch from the French version of your ‘Contact’ page to the English one. You can choose between little flags or language codes. The only downside is that getting those little flags out is quite a long process, so take your time 🙂
It’s full of excellent tutorials out there! If you encounter a problem, do some research
Aside from forums or discussions between developers, whose expertise and solutions are well beyond my scope, there are many videos and tutorials for people who are not IT guys.
Practice makes perfect!
A one-day course is a good introduction, but there’s definitely so much to learn about Joomla that I don’t even think a one-week session would be enough to cover all major aspects.

And last but not least…
The Italian translation of the Joomla interface is really good, well done to those who did it! 🙂

And now over to you, dear readers, have you ever tried to use Joomla! or other platforms, such as Joomla or Drupal? I’d love to know your comments and opinions!


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A blogging translator working from English and German into Italian. You are more than welcome to visit my blog!
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2 Responses to My Joomla experience

  1. What you can do is activate the language switcher module and let visitors switch the joomla core labels and headings to their preferred language. You will need to download and install specific language packs for each language you want to use. You can find the language packs in the JED.

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