Good morning, Chiara speaking. How can I help?

Hi again my dear readers! Apologies for this (too) looooong break, but the past few weeks have been really hectic, with a lot of new things to learn! Anyway, I’ve been juggling a lot with phone calls and emails from clients and other colleagues, so I’d like to share some of my thoughts with you, which I believe apply both to the translation and sales administration fields.

Lady answering the phoneLanguage excellence isn’t enough
Even if my German and English skills are very good, there are several things I couldn’t have known in advance. So don’t be scared to ask questions and gin every opportunity to know about clients, plant structure and management.

Know who you’re talking with
And know their needs, preferences and so on. If customers trust you, it gets easier to work together and solve issues. If you sound like a stranger to them, they’ll be less patient.

Know where/how to get help
I’m not perfect, so there’s no way I’m going to have an answer or a quick solution for every issue that arises, but knowing whom to ask or where to look is a good start.

Be concise
Even is this sounds self-explanatory, there’s no point in writing an exaggeratedly long email just to say that you need some technical data. Be to the point, both for you (more time for other tasks) and your recipient (less time for your request).

Sometimes you have to give a customer bad news, so being nice definitely helps to swallow the bitter pill! And if you’re in doubt, add a ‘Thank you!’ more: it’s better to be classified as over polite than to be remembered as a fairly rude voice on the phone!

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4 Responses to Good morning, Chiara speaking. How can I help?

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  2. JWAlfonso says:

    I love that you mentioned knowing the needs of your clients because there are certain thing I will do a little differently depending on the client and it helps make things easier. For instance I have one client that does recorded interviews he wants the client to use descriptive words such as left ankle instead of “This one” which makes no sense on a recording. I start out explaining ahead of time what is expected, and then I repeat several times before we get started. Taking this action makes my client very happy as in most cases everything runs smoothly.

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