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4 Reasons why Google is so much better than Translators

I have recently talked to quite a lot of people who are not into translation or interpreting. They are great supporters of Google Translate, and here are some of their reasons: – Google Translate loads faster than any online dictionary … Continue reading

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7 effective ways to write your queries

Hi everyone and sorry for the lack of posts so far. As we all know, it happens that we can’t decipher an acronym or what that mysterious software options refers to, even when we are translating something in our specialty … Continue reading

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It’s a T(rap)M(ind you)! #2

Hi everyone, I have (at last) received the answers to my queries regarding the discrepancies in the TMs of my project, something I was talking about a couple of posts ago. The PM clarified most of my doubts and then … Continue reading

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